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Our cotton candy…
sweet with a kind of magic!

There's nothing quite like cotton candy, it's light and fluffy and dissolves the minute it hits your tongue. But really, what is this amazing confection? There is no way to produce cotton candy without special equipment. The head contains the heater to melt the sugar and make it liquid. Then, by spinning the head, the cotton candy machine forces the liquid sugar out through tiny holes in the head. The instant the thin threads of sugar hit the air, they cool and re-solidify, so in the bowl of the machine a web of sugar threads develops. Simple, yet complicated, this treat is hard to beat! If you thought you can only get cotton candy at the circus, carnivals, or fairs, think again! At Sweetmagic we produce all kinds of flavored cotton candy treats for everyday enjoyment, in pails which have a minimum 18 months shelf life. Now you really can enjoy the lore of the carnival midway anytime when you pop in a piece of these melt-in-your-mouth treats.

Hans Boom
CEO and Owner


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